YAMA Sushi – Camarillo

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About the freshness

The #1 sushi restaurant in Ventura County.

Our fish is hand picked from four different fish market. Our vegetables are
picked up daily. Our meat and paultry are also picked up fresh. We take pride
serving our customers with the freshest and the best quality we can find. People
complain our size is to mall, our prices are too high. But please understand we
pick the best quality every morning from in the m the morning. So our quality
cost a little bit more than others.

About other restaurants

About other restaurants

All sushi owners come to our restaurant to copy our food. But the quality cannot
be followed. I worry about customers eating at different sushi restaurants and
getting sick.  I’ve seen the food certain restaurants serve and I really.

Customers please understand cheap is not always good. You have to realize raw
fish is very sensitive, you should eat the very best only.

About our customers

Our regular customers are so diverse. They love our 8 piec rolls ith our special
sauces and some customers love our chef choice of sushi. And others eat raw fish
that is picked daily. The employees at Yama have bcome more friends with our
customers. We tell our stories and they talk about their family. We have a great
relationship with customers.

To Improve in Sushi

  I go to restaurants in the Los Angeles downtown area to also eat at other
restaurants. While you eat you learn others styles. I also talk to sushi owners
and other chefs about new styles. And at the fish market I talked to salesman
and other owners about quality. We are starting to do a chef choice(Omakase)
with our regular customers. Where the chef chooses what to give you. But their
is a step to it. Which I have learned from many famous chefs.

History of Yama Cararillo

Established in 2001